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Creek Potter

Muscogee Creek pottery by registered Muscogee Creek artist Scott Roberts. Authentic Native American pottery in the style of the ancient Muscogee tribes of the Late Woodland and Missippian period 600 A.D. - 1650 A.D.

Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers

formed in 1996 to protect the Pipestone Quarries in Pipestone Minnesota for all Tribal People. dedicated to protecting the Great Pipestone Quarries for all tribal people which covers: Pipestone Pipes, Native American, Pipes, Indian, Dakota, Sioux, Pipestone, Educational program, Native American organization

Native Languages of the Americas

This site is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of american indian languages.

Contemporary fine art gallery with locations in the SoHo and Chelsea art districts of New York City. Art consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Exhibiting painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed medias. Artist portfolios are reviewed. Has been sponsoring the SoHo - Chelsea International Art Competition since 1984.

Wide variety of original fine art for sale. Personalized art consulting services. Mediums include; paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, mixed media and more. Under the management of Agora Gallery. Established in 1984.

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The Golden Dragonfly

The Golden Dragonfly specializes in hand made Native American jewelry and art designed by american indians. Celtic artwork, handcrafted original costuming, and wiccan ritual items.

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